In Bologna, ceramics from ancient to contemporary Egypt

Themed focus on semantic ambivalence of word 'faenza'

09 November, 16:32

    (ANSAmed) - BOLOGNA, 09 NOV - A journey from ancient to contemporary Egypt is possible with the exhibition 'Faience-Faenza', curated by Daniela Picchi and Valentina Mazzotti, from 19 November to 30 November at Bologna's Civic Archaeological Museum.

    The word 'faenza' has a double semantic value: it indicates the toponym Faenza, a city in the Ravenna area famous worldwide for its ceramic production, as well as coated porous and colored pottery.

    The mixtures can be clay or siliceous based (stone-paste) and have a transparent (showcase) or opaque (enamel) glassy coating.

    The variations of the mixtures and coatings have, over the centuries, resulted in a wide variety of products, technological developments and geographical distribution.

    The Civic Archeaeological Museum and the International Museum of Ceramics in Faenza, in collaboration with the Civic Museums of Ancient Art in Bologna and the Bottega Gatti in Faenza, dedicate a themed focus to the semantic ambivalence of this word through a specific itinerary.

    Starting from the siliceous faience of ancient Egypt, defined as faïence in studies of the sector, the exhibition traces the developments that the Islamic world made of this material up to the Renaissance results in majolica (enameled faience) and contemporary art in the Faenza area. (ANSAmed).

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