Latin Sailing regatta brings Med together in Tunis

Notre Voile Latine competition 7/10 to 9/10

04 October, 11:34

    (ANSAmed) - TUNIS, OCT 4 - Next weekend there will be an event in Tunis for Latin Sailing aficionados.

    Commonly used in the entire Mediterranean Sea starting in ancient times, more recently the sport of sailing with a triangular sail has seen a comeback through a number of initiatives.

    An international Latin Sailing regatta, the Notre Voile Latine, will be held on the Lake of Tunis.

    Representing Italy will be national champions Giovanni Di Russo, Fulvio Cama, and Elisabetta Lazzaro.

    Organising the event is the Tunisian association A.R.E.M.S.

    of Sousse, under Mohamed Mrad, which aims to preserve and valorise maritime heritage. The organisation holds that the wooden vessels with Latin sails are an asset that should be protected for the future.

    The twinning that came into being in April in the Monastir port between the Italian association Hormiae Mare Nostrum and Tujnisia's A.R.E.M.S. de Sousse led to organising this event, which brings together all Mediterranean Latin Sailing organisations.

    "This event does not intend to focus only on the competitive and sports aspect. It aims to be an opportunity to bring together all those who sail on this sea in the same way," as part of a tradition that dates back millennia, Hormiae Mare Nostrum president Giovanni Di Russo said in underscoring that "the Mediterranean is a sea that unites populations and does not divide them, in which there has not only been the exchange of goods but above all that of habits, ways of thinking, knowledge, and culture, making the people of the Mediterranean a single population." (ANSAmed).

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