Milan mayor says government contribution to Expo 'shameful'

City requested 110 mn to handle 20 mn tourists, govt gives 60 mn

06 February, 14:13

    (ANSA) - Milan, February 6 - The Italian government's decision to give the city of Milan 60 million euros in funding instead of the requested 110 million euros for managing city services such as transport and cleaning during Expo 2015 is "unacceptable, shameful," said Milan Mayor Giuliano Pisapia on Friday on the Radio 24 program Mix 24.

    Pisapia said he is still hopeful the government might reconsider, because the city on its own isn't in a position to cover costs for services to handle the influx of 20 million tourists expected during the 6-month world's fair beginning in May.

    "Public transport is at risk. There will need to be new hires, there will need to be increased services. Someone has to pay, and Milan alone isn't able to," Pisapia said.

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