Egypt:military,leaving power means betraying people

Calm in Tahrir ahead of tomorrow's protest

24 November, 18:49

Clashes in Tahrir square Clashes in Tahrir square

(ANSAmed) - CAIRO, NOVEMBER 24 - The military currently ruling Egypt says that leaving power, as has been demanded of them by the occupants of Tahrir Square, means "betraying the mandate received by the people" when they replaced the ousted President, Hosni Mubarak. This is according to two senior officials from the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF), who appeared at a press conference this afternoon in which they talked about the parliamentary elections that will begin on November 28. The armed forces today apologized for the deaths during recent clashes, promising an investigation into the events.

"If we were to give up leadership of the country, it would mean knocking down the last pillar holding up the state," said General Mamdouh Shaheen, who was representing the SCAF. Reacting to the repeated requests of protesters in Tahrir Square, General Mokhtar Al-Mullah began by saying that "the groups who sing in Tahrir Square do not represent the country". However, after several observations by journalists, he corrected his comments, saying "even if they are not the whole of Egypt, thee opinion of those protesters should be respected, considering that our principles include that the right of all citizens to protest must be guaranteed". On the subject of elections, the president of the High Electoral Judiciary Commission, Abdel Moaaz, said that judges were ready to carry out the role of election supervisors as "they are the ones protecting justice in Egypt". Speaking on behalf of the Interior Ministry, General Sayd Osman said that 55 parties had signed up to take part, with some of them grouped together in three large coalitions: the "Egyptian Block", which features traditional left-wing and liberal parties; the "Revolutionary Council", which includes the organisation of young people from the January 25 movement, and "Freedom and Justice", which groups together the parties connected to the Muslim Brotherhood movement, which are also known as the "Islamic Alliance".

Meanwhile, the situation in the symbolic centre of the Egyptian revolution has been calm throughout the day. Last night, the revolutionary movements and police reached a truce to put an end to the violence that has left more than 35 people dead since Saturday. Protesters have also said that they are planning a huge demonstration tomorrow, the last Friday before the beginning of parliamentary elections. (ANSAmed).

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