Immigration: thrown overboard during crossing, 5 arrests

Investigation into August crossing from Libya to Lampedusa

30 November, 19:54

    (ANSAmed) - AGRIGENTO, NOVEMBER 30 - Five non-EU nationals have been arrested by police in Agrigento on suspicion of acts of violence and, in particular, the murder of immigrants who were thrown alive into the sea. The arrests are part of an ongoing investigation by the prosecutor's office into the crossing of a boat from Libya to Lampedusa on August 4. During the crossing, some migrants suffocated after being crammed into the hold. The body of one of the men was still on the boat and recovered during the rescue operation in Lampedusa.

    Upon the boat's arrival, the captain was arrested on suspicion of murder and favouring illegal immigration.

    The men arrested are Ohalete Emeka, 38, and Onuchukwu Duglass, 35, from Nigeria, and Igala Faisal, 37, Mohamed Adama, 28, and Ahmokugo Kujo, 44, from Ghana. (ANSAmed).

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