Man opens fire at Toulouse's Jewish school, 4 dead

Three children and a professor, the killer chased the victims

20 March, 10:10

    Four people, were killed and two seriously wounded when a gunman opened fire in Toulouse Four people, were killed and two seriously wounded when a gunman opened fire in Toulouse

    (ANSAmed) - PARIS - It only took a second at around 8am, at the Toulouse's Jewish school in south-western France. A killer wearing a helmet and riding a black scooter opened fire on children at the daily gathering point. A 30 year old teacher (and rabbi) was killed, along with his two kids, aged 6 and 3, and another child aged 10. Two other children were also injured and have been taken to the hospital. According to the Prosecutor, the killer ''opened fire on anything he saw'' and then ''he chased some children in the school''.
    As was widely suspected from the very beginning, the killer was almost certain the same as the one who last week - also on a scooter - carried out two ambushes against soldiers in Toulouse and the nearby Montauban, killing three and injuring one. As was the case in the previous incidents, the man reportedly used two weapons: a 11.43-calibre pistol and a 9-calibre one. Investigators say that the second was used after the first jammed. President Nicolas Sarkozy called off all election campaign appointments to rush to the town, as did Interior Minister Claude Gueant and representatives of France's Jewish institutions, starting from Chief Rabbi Gilles Bernheim. Orders were given to immediately step up security measures in front of the country's Israelite schools. ''Today is a national day of tragedy. This crime does not only concern the Jewish community.  The entire national community is shaken,'' said Sarkozy. The head of state announced that a minute of silence will be observed tomorrow in all schools in memory of the young victims of the attack.
       ''Children were killed in cold blood. They are not only your children, but also ours. Children cannot be killed in this way in the land of the Republic without being held accountable,'' added Sarkozy, who stated that ''everything possible will be done to arrest'' the individual responsible for this crime.
    The number of those dead and injured may still rise. The children, parents and teachers of the small private Jewish institute (for middle and high school students) in the Roseraie area are under shock. Searches being carried out over the past few days in the area following the soldiers' shooting in Tolouse and Montauban have been transformed into a true manhunt. Some clues seem to be available: the first is a clear scar on the killer's face, either a scar or a tattoo. However, his aims and reasons for carrying out these attacks are not yet known, but the man is clearly extraordinarily cold-blooded and knows the places where he carried out the attacks very well. In the attack on the soldiers, it seems that he had exchanged emails with one of them. (ANSAmed).

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