Jordan islamists against corruption, no to gov't propaganda

Rally to ask for concrete reforms

23 March, 17:21

    Hundreds of Islamists rallied in Amman Hundreds of Islamists rallied in Amman

    (ANSAmed) - AMMAN - Hundreds of Islamist leads activists rallied in downtown Amman Friday against what they say lack of genuine drive to eradicate corruption in the kingdom.

    Security forces were mobilized to prevent clashes with pro-regime groups that arrived in the scene to disrupt protests.

    Leaders from the Islamist movement spearheaded the rally, which kicked off from king Hussein mosque in down town Amman after Friday prayer.

    ''We are tired of hearing about elections and reform, while no action is being taken against corruption. The whole nation is demanding genuine reforms, not media prooganda by authorities,'' Salem Falahat, former overall leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, told ANSA during the protest.

    Minor clashes took place between security forces and protesters, but nobody was injured. Islamist leaders said authorities lack genuine policies to fight corruption.

    The government has recently come under fire from the opposition for what has been seen as a deliberate attempt to impede investigation into a number of high profile corruption cases that involve ministers and influential businessmen.

    The aid-dependent kingdom is struggling with its worst economic meltdown in decades amid lack of job opportunities and foreign investment.

    Activists say the sale of state assets over the past years has enriched the country's business and political elite but has done little to help the poor. (ANSAmed).

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