Spain: 10 years disqualification for wasting administrators

23 March, 17:20

    (ANSAmed) - MADRID, MARCH 23 - Public administrators who falsify or hide data on the deficit and figures regarding the wages of directors of local governments will be disqualified from holding public offices for ten years. The measure is part of a bill for more transparency and access to public information which was approved in today's cabinet meeting. It was presented in the press conference that followed the meeting, by Vice Premier Soraya Sanz de Santamaria. The vice premier called it one of the most important regulations in the political programme of the Mariano Rajoy government. The government bill includes a code of good governance with sanctions in case of violations. It forces politicians and public managers to inform taxpayers about the use of their money, following a similar initiative taken in the United States and in other European countries. Politicians and managers in the public sector can be suspended for hiding bills or accounts, for not handing over requested documentation, for surpassing the public deficit limit and for wasting tax money, which will be seen as a crime. Public administrations must be transparent about the way they spend public money. The government will open an internet portal for transparency, on which subsidies, data regarding public tenders and the salaries of public sector managers will be published. The portal is scheduled to be ready by this summer, when the bill is expected to have completed its examination in parliament. As soon as the regulation comes into force, public officials must respond to any request by citizens for information about the management of public funds within one month. (ANSAmed) YK8
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