Algeria: Woman in surgery clinic, dies after kidney "stolen"

Aged 47, dies after serious infection

17 April, 12:11

    (ANSAmed) - TUNIS, APRIL 17 - A woman admitted to a private clinic for the removal of her gall bladder is said to have had a "kidney" stolen and died a few hours later in a hospital in Oran after her condition worsened. The extraordinary story has been reported in the online edition of the newspaper Le Temps d'Algérie. The 47-year old woman had been admitted to the private clinic in the City to have her gall bladder removed. Her condition gradually deteriorated following the operation and it was decided that she would be transferred to the department of nephrology and urology at the hospital in Oran, where she immediately underwent emergency treatment, which proved unsuccessful.

    When doctors at the hospital realised that a kidney had been stolen from the woman (or removed without her knowledge, as an inquiry will now be asked to show), a report was sent to the chief prosecutor of Oran, who was told by relatives of the victim, still in shock at the news of the "theft" of the organ, that the woman had gone to the clinic to have her gall bladder removed after a series of routine tests. The inquiry will not shed light on the incident and, above all, show how the woman's kidney was "stolen". (ANSAmed).

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