Algeria: Students stabbed, others block city streets

Hundreds of university students paralyse Tizi Ouzou

25 April, 12:05

    (ANSAmed) - TUNIS, APRIL 25 - The city of Tizi Ouzou, where one of Algeria's most prestigious universities - the Hasnaoua - is located, was paralysed from late yesterday evening through the night by hundreds of the university's students after three of the latter were stabbed by people identified as ''strangers''.

    Having heard the news of the stabbing (the conditions of the three stabbed are not yet know), their fellow students gathered in front of the university and then blocked the streets, bringing the entire city to a de facto halt in the attempt to stop the three attackers from escaping. The attack, according to sources quoted by the website TSA, occurred around 9 PM in the perimeter of the university where, as usual, students had stayed long after the end of the day's lessons.

    The students managed to identify and get to the three attackers, who instead were immediately assisted by dozens of other people who came to their aid, leading to a violent scuffle that the police (despite being present) did not stop, according to the witnesses quoted by TSA.

    After the scuffle the students went back to the area around the university and stayed on the outer edges of the building, continuing to block the streets surrounding the university.


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