Nuclear: Brussels wants safety from Greeks and Portuguese

Together with Poland countries have not applied EU directive

26 April, 18:49

(ANSAmed) - BRUSSELS, APRIL 26 - Greece and Portugal are under fire from Brussels on the issue of safety in its nuclear sites. Together with Poland, the two EU countries have failed to inform the European Commission of their full implementation of the new directive, which was due to be applied in member states by July 22 last year.

If the countries do not comply with the regulations in the next two months, they could be hauled before the EU Court of Justice and the European Commission could impose fines.

With so-called "stress tests" still ongoing into the safety of European nuclear sites, Brussels says that it is important that all member states apply the measures currently in force. The regulations concern power stations, research reactors and storage warehouses for spent combustibles.

The directive includes basic principles and obligations to ensure and increase safety in the European Union, including a national framework for the management of responsibilities, increasing the role and independence of national authorities. (ANSAmed).


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