Egypt: At least 20 died in clashes, hospital sources

Armed groups attack Salafite sit-in, 11 official casualties

02 May, 16:19

Protests in Cairo Protests in Cairo

(ANSAmed) - CAIRO - At least 20 people died during the clashes having occurred earlier this morning in front of the Defence Ministry in Cairo, according to reports by hospital sources. Also Dubai's TV Al Arabiya reported that 20 people died, although figures were not confirmed by any non-official sources.

According to official figures provided by sources related to the Ministries of Healthcare and Defence, there were 11 casualties in total. However, the number of victims will probably increase: over 100 people were injured and many people were taken to the city's hospitals in serious conditions.

The clashes took place this morning, when armed groups attacked a sit-in by Salafis near the Defence Ministry which had begun last Friday.

According to Egypt's state TV, after several hours some army and police troops succeeded in putting an end to the clashes.



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