Syria: 'Hit by extremists', pro-regime victims talking

Military and civilians in hospital, 'foreign conspiracy'

02 May, 17:19


(ANSAmed) - DAMASCUS - ''We were attacked by groups of extremists who want to destroy Syria, only because we were wearing this uniform." All Syrian troops in the Tishrin (October) Hospital in Damascus repeat the same protest.

Not only the military, nearly everybody in the hospital, from directors to doctors and injured civilians, is convinced that the situation in the country is the result of ''a conspiracy hatched'' by foreign countries rather than a spontaneous uprising against President Bashar al Assad.

Around 800 people are currently patient in Tishrin, one of the largest military hospitals in the Middle East with 1200 beds, of whom ''just over one hundred are soldiers,'' a department head who prefers to remain anonymous for safety reasons explains. The source points out that - despite the UN-imposed cease-fire that came into force on April 12 - ''15 injured people arrive in Tishrin each day'' due to the ongoing clashes. According to the director, also serviceman, there is only one reason for this: ''Terrorism has infiltrated Syria.

Extremists are controlling us, they find us and then attack us.

How do they do that? Clearly they have the right instruments." This point of view is exactly the view that has been expressed by the Syrian authorities for months. Everyone in the hospital, military and civilian, has a story to tell. Soldier Walid was ''attacked and thrown into a ditch'' on the outskirts of Damascus while he was on patrol a few days ago. Colonel Hasan Jafar, whose right arm had to be amputated, says that he was ''attacked by a group of 300 people'' in Deraa, in the south of the country, during the clashes of ''April 25'' in which ''six'' military causalities were counted. And the manager of a telephony store in Damascus tells that he was ''attacked by a group'' of demonstrators ''only because I refused to join the march, while I'm not part of the regime'', the young Syrian man says. In some cases the situation is described by patients in Tishrin without words. One of them was seriously wounded and was given morphine, no longer able to talk. One deceased person arrives at the hospital in a coffin with the Syrian flag draped on top of it. The victim is the 22-year-old Mohamed Al Falad, one of the people who were killed in the attack of April 30 in Idlib in which 9 military died. At his arrival, a wreath of flowers was placed at the entrance of the mortuary while relatives and friends, heartbroken, rush to the coffin, barely restrained by the present nurses. (ANSAmed).


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