Terrorism: Algeria, bomb discovered outside school

After residents reported suspicious car

08 May, 11:20

(ANSAmed) - TUNIS, MAY 8 - An hand-made explosive device has been discovered and neutralized close to a school in the centre of the Algerian town of Issers, east of Boumerdès. The news has been reported by the website of the TSA agency, which says that the device was discovered after local residents reported the presence of a suspicious car to security forces. Agents began to comb the streets in an effort to intercept the vehicle, which was found parked a short distance away from the school. After further checks, the device was found. The bomb is said to be similar to those used by Islamic terrorists, and which in recent months have killed a number of soldiers, policemen and civilians, as when detonated from distance, they often explode after a delay. The province of Boumerdès has been the hardest hit by terrorism, especially in the weeks leading up to parliamentary elections in the country.(ANSAmed).


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