Serbia: Italian feat on European rivers. Arrives in Belgrade

08 June, 19:10

    (ANSAmed) - BELGRADE, 8 - A man and a boat, 5.200 kilometres, 6 months on a rowing boat, day and night, 1 million oar strokes on the Rhine and Danube from the English Channel to the Black Sea, crossing 15 countries from London to Istanbul, and passing through England, France, Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria, and Turkey: this is project "Man on the River". It is the feat of 44-year-old Giacomo De Stefano, born in Asti but Venetian by adoption. He is more than just an environmentalist. He defines himself as a ''new world traveler''. The miracle of the feat is written in the budget: 0 euro. It is centred on a ''gift economy'', cost-free. He will be hosted with his boat by the Yacht Club of Zemun, the beautiful suburb of Belgrade on the Danube, until Sunday.

    Today Giacomo De Stefano was guest at the Italian embassy in Belgrade where he was welcomed by the Consul, Andrea Arnaldo. In an interview with ANSAmed, De Stefano responded to the question 'why Man on the River': "The main goal the protection of Europe's water and rivers, the second goal is to travel in a slow and sustainable way, using rowing boats with sail or electric motors. The third goal is to indicate sustainable economies on the rivers. Promote activities for people who live along the river, using the river as resource. During this journey from London to Istanbul, 5,200 kilometres of rowing and sailing, I meet people and collect material for a book, a documentary and a website that tells the story of these things." ''And what has Serbia told you?'' ''Serbia has been an extraordinary story for me. I have discovered joy, a will to live a free life, a bit mysterious, with great spontaneity. I have seen people with a great wealth inside, very generous people. I will follow my way along this red line, this river that connects all nationalities between London and this place'', he concluded. (ANSAmed)
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