Turkey- Supreme Court: prison for 'unnatural' video sex

Category includes gay, oral, anal sex, rape & necrophilia

11 June, 17:18

(ANSAmed) - ANKARA, JUNE 11 - As the Turkish press reports today, the Supreme Appeal Court in Ankara has ruled as ''unnatural'' any acts of gay sex, oral, anal or group sex - including that of the sado-masochistic sort - and sex with animals or with corpses. According to daily paper Vatan, in a new ruling, the High Court has provided for the imprisonment of any persons in possession of videos displaying scenes of oral or anal sex, on the basis of Article 262/2 of the Turkish criminal code. Punishments foreseen for representing ''unnatural'' vary from one to four years in prison. As Hurriyet points out, in a previous ruling, the court had defined pornographic videos of gay or group sex as having ''unnatural'' contents. In this latest statement, the supreme court said that a six-month sentence imposed by a provincial court for the selling of pornographic videos with oral or anal sex content had been too lenient because such content is ''unnatural''. The new ruling comes at a time that voices are being raised in Turkey's lay communities against the 'rampant' Islamification of the country after ten years of rule by Islamic-nationalist premier Recep tayyip Erdogan.(ANSAmed).