Islam: Group against Ramadam fast created in Morocco

In campaign for freedom to eat in public during holy month

12 July, 14:31

(ANSAmed) - TUNIS, JULY 12 - Young Moroccan activists with the Alternative Movement for Individual Freedoms have set up a new group called 'Masayaminch 2012', or we do not fast, to end the ban on public eating during the daylight hours of the month of Ramadam which this year begins on July 20.

The group says its campaign is not against their religion - Muslims are supposed to observe a fast during the day throughout Ramadam - but is aimed at giving Muslims the personal freedom to choose.

A group of young people staged a demonstration in 2009 attempting to eat in public during Ramadam but were stopped by police in a previous campaign against fasting during Ramadam.

Under Moroccan law, eating in public during Ramadam's hours of daylight can lead to a fine of 100 euros and up to six months in jail.

'Masayminch 2012' has also posted a video on the internet to campaign for Muslims' right to eat freely during the holy month.


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