Kosovo: Albanians attack Serb returnees

02 August, 16:01

(ANSAmed) - PRISTINA, AUGUST 2 - A group of ethnic Albanians barged into the Kosovo village of Grabac on Wednesday night, Zvecan-based Most TV reported.

According to the report, the incident took place two hours after midnight. The Albanians broke windows on houses and auxiliary buildings in an attempt to rob them, and Serb villager Rados Matic suffered minor injuries when he was hit by a rock thrown at his window. The local Serbs were especially alarmed after the attackers fired shots while they were leaving the village, Most reported. The police investigated the scene, and the attack has been reported to KFOR. The perpetrators have not yet been tracked down.

About a dozen Serb returnees live in Grabac, near Klina. They have often been targeted by extremists, especially in the last five years, ever since KFOR removed its checkpoint. (ANSAmed)

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