Dubai: World's most expensive cupcake, covered in gold

Golden Phoenix costs 800 euros, 50% donated to WFP

23 August, 21:44

Ihe Golden Phoenix, the world's most expensive cupcake on sale in Dubai Ihe Golden Phoenix, the world's most expensive cupcake on sale in Dubai

(ANSAMed) - DUBAI - The world's most expensive cupcake can be had for 800 euros at Bloomsbury's in the Dubai Mall. Covered in 24-karat gold scales, the Golden Phoenix, as this delicacy is called, is made out of Italian chocolate, Ugandan vanilla, and organic butter, flour, and strawberries. The gold is edible, and this is what makes the Golden Phoenix stand out from the competition, which includes a diamond-studded version. Coming on a plate with gold details and a gold spoon with chocolate mousse and gold-glazed strawberries, the opulent cupcake has been available in what is the Middle East's biggest mall for about a month. Orders, however, have been slow. This may be due to the long turn-around time - 48 hours - its hefty price tag, or even a consciousness of world hunger in a time of economic crisis.

You could feed 1850 children for the price of one Golden Phoenix, according to the World Food Programme (WFP). But the news is not all bad, as Bloomsbury's is donating 50% of Golden Phoenix earnings to the WFP.

The United Arab Emirates, and Dubai in particular, are no strangers to extravagance on every scale. From the luxurious seven-star Burj al-Arab hotel, also known as The Sail, to gold skin tattoos, to the Madeleine au Truffe, a chocolate-covered truffle lying on a bed of sugar pearls within a gold, silk-lined box, which retails at 250 dollars. (ANSAMed).


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