Anti-Islam Film: One dead in Tripoli, al-Arabiya TV reports

Stones and tear gas in front of US embassy in Cairo

14 September, 16:00

Protest near US embassy in Cairo Protest near US embassy in Cairo

(ANSAmed) - BEIRUT - One person died and another 25 were wounded in the northern city of Tripoli as demonstrators clashed with police during a protest against the anti-Islamic film, al-Arabiya pan-Arab TV reported on Friday.

In Cairo, hundreds of protesters and police are exchanging a hail of stones and tear gas in front of the US embassy, where security forces have set up a three-meter cement-block barrier. Thousands gathered in Tahrir Square to hear a Salafite preacher who led Friday prayers. "It is necessary to make decisions against the criminals and pigs who committed this crime against our prophet," the preacher said. "The country's leaders are not acting appropriately given the gravity of what happened. Where is the Grand Imam of Al-Azhar, where are the religious and political leaders?" The preacher went on to accuse the Coptic Christians who allegedly made the offensive film, which has triggered protests throughout the Muslim world, of plotting to foment a divisive war. "It is well known that they are planning a war and a sectarian division. They are implicating the United States in hopes that Washington will help them divide the country." (ANSAmed).


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