Anti-Islam Film: salafis protest near US embassy in Amman

14 September, 13:16

(ANSAmed) - AMMAN, SEPTEMBER 14 - Strong security forces cordoned 100 meter parameter around the US embassy in Amman Friday to stop Islamist salafis protesting against US produced film that insults prophet Mohammad, eye witnesses said.

Protesters chanted anti-US slogans and called for withdrawing the film, which caused an uproar around the region over the past days.

One prominent salafi leader accused Washington of supporting authoritarian regimes and called for change to its policies in the country.

"The US is playing a double face policy, they say they are with freedom of expression but they also support provocative acts that mean to trigger hatred between people from the west and Muslims," Abu Mohammad Tahawee, a salafi leader told ANSA.

Anti-riot police, armed with batons, tear gas bombs and water cannons stood nearby to keep protesters in a safe distance from the embassy, one of the largest and most fortified US missions in the region.

The pro-US government promised to protect the embassy from any attack that could be an embarrassment for authorities.

A police source said they have strict orders to protect the embassy from any attack and have provided extra forces around the area as well as house of the American ambassador in Amman.



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