Sexual slavery a 10 mln trade in Turkish occupied Cyprus

10 October, 12:20

(ANSAmed) - NICOSIA, OCTOBER 10 - An estimated 500 young women mostly from Belarus, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Moldova and Japan are currently in the Turkish occupied areas of Cyprus for the purpose of sexual slavery. The illegal sex trade, which is thought to net over 10 million euros annually, is concentrated at night clubs on the main road between occupied Nicosia and Morfou. According to Turkish daily Milliyet's correspondent in Nicosia the "government" turns a blind eye to this situation. The paper - as today the Greek-Cypriot daily Famagusta Gazette reports - claims that 504 are employed in 42 night clubs, with the majority of these women "acting as prostitutes or is forced to do so", it says. A night club owner told Milliyet that they "offer services" to tourists who visit the occupied area of Cyprus and to the soldiers of the Turkish occupation army. The women are employed with "work permits" granted by the self-styled ministry of labor and social insurance, and the "ministry" of interior. The passports of the women are handed over to the "police"s" so-called migration department for the period they will stay in the occupied area of Cyprus. The amount paid for the "permit" is 3.500 Turkish Liras (TL, 1,500 euros). Citing statements by a "high ranking official in the administration", it is reported that the annual income of the "state" from these night clubs is 10 million euros. Baris Basel, expert on social services, stated that a woman could go with at least 10 men every day and earn a daily average income of 2.000 TL (850 euros) or 60.000 TL (25,500 euros) per month.



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