Turkey: Woman who killed rapist acquitted for 'self-defence'

10 October, 12:54

(ANSAmed) - ANKARA, OCTOBER 10 - A woman from the Kurdish region of Diyarbakir in eastern Anatolia was acquitted for knifing her rapist to death on the grounds that she acted in 'self-defence', the Turkish press reported today.

'I am a woman from Diyarbakir', she reportedly told the court. 'Honour for us is very important. He soiled my honour and had to die'.

The woman identified as Nafile Kagmaz, reported Radical, had given her rapist an appointment at the local Gaziantep train station after the man kept stalking her despite the fact that she had reported him to the police. She then killed him, acting in self-defence, the judges said.

In August, Nevin Y'nin, a woman from the village of Ylvac near Ysparta, killed her rapist, cut off his head and threw it in the main village square and said that 'this is the head of the man who played with my honour', causing a sensation in Turkey.

Abuses against women are widespread in Turkey, mostly in rural areas.(ANSAmed).


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