Lebanon: Beirut bombing, police intelligence chief killed

Wissim al Hasan had investigated into anti-Syrian figures

19 October, 20:51

(ANSAmed) - Beirut, October 19 - Lebanon's chief of police intelligence, Wissam al Hassan, was killed in the lethal blast that ripped through a Christian neighborhood of downtown Beirut today. The news was reported by Al Jazeera, other Lebanese media, and confirmed by ANSA through a local security source.

The source said General al Hassan was alone with his driver, without body guards, and had gone to a "protected home" used as an intelligence base. General al Hasan, a Sunni Muslim, had been the chief of police intelligence for years, an institution that in the Lebanese parcelling of power fell under the domination of the Mustaqbal movement, a pro-Saudi Arabian political force, and rival of the front guided by the Hezbollah, an ally of Iran and the Syrian regime. The Shiite Hezbollah movement instead controls the chiefs of the other two Lebanese enforcement agencies, general security and military intelligence. General al Hassan had recently investigated and arrested the ex-Lebanese minister Michel Samaha, who confessed to having planned attacks on anti-Syrian personalties in Lebanon - including the Maronite Christian patriarch Bishar al Rai - on behalf of Damascus security services. (ANSAmed).


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