Jordan: protesters in Amman call for fall of the regime

19 November, 14:14

(ANSAmed) - AMMAN, NOVEMBER 19 - Hundreds of protesters marched in Amman on Monday, calling for fall of the regime and chanting slogans against the government as part of ongoing protests against increased fuel prices.

The protest was organized by the professional association, an umbrella of 14 labour syndicates that includes 1.5 million members out of the kingdom's 7.5 million population.

Protesters chanted; "Down with the rule of gangsters, "freedom from God, in spite of you (king) Abdullah".

Other youth groups also took part as well as members of the Islamic Action Front (IAF), the political wing of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Several association leaders pulled out from the march because they did not agree with slogans chanted by protesters, according to association leaders.

Security forces continued monitoring protesters as they marched towards the prime ministry. No clashes or arrests took place but a presence of a group of loyalists increased level of tension.

Other protests also set off in several parts of the country including the southern cities of Karak, Tafila and Maan.

The government said Monday it was going ahead with the decision to raise fuel prices and invited citizens to visit ministry of finance and post offices to fill financial aid claims, approved as part of a social aid package to lessen impact of rising fuel prices.(ANSAmed).


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