Qatar: Tourism authority, foreign women to dress modestly

'One of Us' campaign not compatible with 2022 World Cup, web

19 November, 17:41

    The flyer of the campaign 'One of Us'. The flyer of the campaign 'One of Us'.

    (ANSAmed) - DOHA - Some Qatari women want foreign female visitors to respect local clothing traditions and the local penal code, and the Qatar tourist authority has decided to support them, Doha News reported on Monday.

    Called 'One of Us', the women's campaign wants to ban shorts, sleeveless shirts, and revealing dresses. ''Help us preserve Qatari values and culture. Please dress modestly in public spaces, covering knees and shoulders,'' reads the campaign flyer. ''We're not trying to impose the hijab (traditional Gulf-area long black tunic and veil), just a modest way of dressing that won't force us to see too many body parts when we're in public,'' said campaign organizer Najla Al-Mahmoud. The country's tourist board decided to sign on to the campaign, which was launched in June, to make tourists feel welcome and help them avoid embarrassing situations, according to Doha News. The emirate's penal code bans what is considered to be indecent clothing in public.

    The Qatari international community, which makes up 95% of the population, commented on social media that such a campaign is not compatible with a country hosting the 2022 World Cup, which will attract thousands of tourists.

    Other web commentators pointed out that modest apparel is the least of Qatari women's problems: the disparity between men's and women's salaries rose 22.7% over last year, data from the emirate's statistics bureau showed. Both Qatari and foreign women are paid 25-50% less than their male colleagues, according to the data. (ANSAmed).

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