Mideast: Gaza; Israeli soldiers mock Netanyahu on the web

For signing 'defeatist' truce with Hamas

23 November, 11:02

    Gaza; Israeli soldiers mock Netanyahu on the web Gaza; Israeli soldiers mock Netanyahu on the web

    (ANSAmed) - TEL AVIV - Israeli Premier Benjamin 'Bibi' Netanhayu came under attack Wednesday by a group of disgruntled reservists who mocked him on Facebook for agreeing to a truce with Hamas after eight days of a conflict that left 160 Palestinians dead.

    While national press praised Bibi's ''responsible'' leadership in getting in and out of the Strip in a week, the soldiers' Facebook page leaves no doubt as to how they feel about being demobilized along with tens of thousands of comrades in arms, on the eve of a promised ground offensive into Gaza.

    Under a slogan that says ''We are all against the defeatist ceasefire'', a photo shows the soldiers lying on the ground, their bodies tracing the Hebrew words for ''Bibi is a loser''.

    The image soon went viral thanks to right-wing netizens, much in the same way that left-wingers mocked him after his September 27 speech at the UN, in which he used a cartoon drawing to illustrate the Iranian nuclear peril.

    Among the satirical cartoons now circulating is one showing Bibi hiding in a metal trash can: his own personal Iron Dome, after the Israeli air defense system that successfully intercepted almost 300 rockets and missiles fired at urban areas.

    Another cartoon, drawn in the style of a historic children's series published by Yedioth Aronot newspaper, carries the following caption: ''After Israel was under attack for eight days, our Prime Minister Bibi decided to sign a truce with terrorist organizations. Children, help Bibi find his attributes.'' (ANSAmed).

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