'We lost Europe', says Israeli press after UN vote on Palestine

30 November, 21:43

Palestinian protest in the West Bank Palestinian protest in the West Bank

(ANSAmed) - ROME - Israel intends to authorise 3,000 new housing units for settlers in the Occupied Territories.

Reports were on the Ynet website, which said that the decision had already been made yesterday evening by the Netanyahu government's National Security Cabinet. The announcement of the decision has come the day after the UN vote on Palestine.

The new housing units should be built in Maleh Adumin and in East Jerusalem, Ynet reports.

On Friday the Israeli daily Yediot Ahronot's banner headline was ''The World Has Decided For A Palestinian State'', going on to say that yesterday at the United Nations Israel suffered a ''political debacle''.

It reported that Israeli PM Benyamin Netanyahu has not ''been able to accurately assess the extent of the rage against Israel in the world''. Haaretz (which summed the situation up in its headline ''The World Has Decided'') also spoke of a ''political domino'' set in motion against Israel which enabled Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas to rake in 138 votes in favour, compared with only 9 against.

''Yesterday we lost Europe,'' the paper claims a high level figure in the foreign ministry has said. On the front page are photos of Palestinians celebrating in the central square of Ramallah and among the Palestinian delegation in the UN. A right-wing newspaper, Makor Rishon, published a caricature of Mahmoud Abbas with the features of a Trojan horse just outside of the UN's New York headquarters, while inside Hamas militants celebrate.

The paper claims that once the Palestinian Authority president has achieved an independent state, Hamas will immediately take it over. One of the most likely candidates for the Likud party in the next general elections and a representative of the settlers movement, Moshe Feiglin, urged Israel to react by immediately extending Israeli sovereignty to all of the West Bank, by taking exclusive control of Temple Mount (where 2,000 years ago the Temple of Jerusalem was located) and by leaving the UN.

''If Switzerland can manage without being in the UN, then so can we,'' he said. (ANSAmed)





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