Israel: school for 'prophets' set to open in Tel Aviv

Certificate after selection and tough studies

03 December, 19:22

(ANSAmed) - TEL AVIV, DECEMBER 3 - As of tomorrow, Tel Aviv will boast a school for those wanting to become a ''prophet'', certified for a ''mission'' beyond the reach of all but a chosen few. Israel's more secular and open-minded financial capital Tel Aviv will be the location for ''School for the Prophets of Cain and Abel'' - and not Jerusalem, that ''Thrice-Holy City''. Those wanting to attend the school will undergo a tough selection process, to then make their way to the super-trendy Florentin area, the place-to-be for young rebels and eternal sceptics. The school aims to prepare ''a generation of prophets'' who, in these times of relativism, can give the population a moral direction. According to Jewish tradition, ''prophecy'' ended among the Jews after the Second Temple (destroyed by Titus in 70 A.D.) and will only return during the redemption generation, which will see the arrival of the Messiah. An important development, clearly. However, the school's founder, Rabbi Shmuel Portman Hapartzi - who claims that he is affiliated with the school of Chabad messianism (which does not seem to be pleased with the initiative) - disagrees. The daily paper Yediot Ahoronot quoted him as saying that ''the prophecy generation has already come and the prophecies are once again allowed.'' In order to become a ''prophet'' one must study hard. Among the core subjects are ''the science of faces'', the ''science of dreams, ''the introduction to the Divine Spirit and prophecy'', and, obviously, the ''introduction to the knowledge of the angels''. It is a difficult course load leading to a certificate for the new prophets. So far only about ten have signed up (the cost is 200 shekels, about 40 euros), but only the best will be able to achieve the much-coveted certificate. (ANSAmed).


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