France: clashes over Mont-Saint-Michel embankment

Beauty vs. safety, conservationists vs. government

27 December, 19:44

(ANSAmed) - PARIS, DECEMBER 27 - UNESCO World Heritage site Mont-Saint-Michel will be an island once more by 2015, but conservationists and the government are clashing over the height of the embankment that is to connect it to the mainland.

The Society for the Preservation of French Landscapes and Esthetics (SPPEF) and the Friends of Mont-Saint-Michel say the structure must be no more than 6.80 meters high, or the historic and esthetic integrity of the island will be violated. The government says the embankment has to be at least 7.30 meters high to allow firefighters and other emergency rescue services access to the island 365 days a year. The conservationists have called on UNESCO to block the government's plan, sacrificing safety in the name of esthetics. (ANSAmed).


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