Crisis: Spanish Pamplona's locksmiths boycott evictions

Refuse to collaborate with banks, courts: 'We have our dignity'

07 January, 21:42

The eviction of an elderly retired woman in Spain The eviction of an elderly retired woman in Spain

(ANSAmed) - MADRID - The Assembly of Professional Locksmiths of the Spanish city of Pamplona, the capital of Navarre, will no longer aid authorities in evicting delinquent homeowners. The locksmiths said they would not assist in evictions that led to at least nine suicides over the past few months, and which have affected 400,000 people since the economic crisis began.

''It will affect us economically, but we have our dignity,'' Assembly President Iker de Carlos told reporters. ''From now on they will have to call locksmiths outside Navarre. What you see on television is different from when you go there. You know you're helping to kick people out of their home, to stay on top of a perpetual debt that you will have to keep paying. We know that we will not start a revolution, but we want to serve as a example to Navarre society.'' In Spain, locksmiths are called in by the courts to change the locks on a home once its occupants have been evicted.

Locksmiths throughout the country are evaluating the Pamplona action as an example to follow. ''We are professionals, but we are people first,'' Spanish Federation of Locksmiths President David Ormaechea told El Pais newspaper. ''We can no longer participate in these terrible events without having a say.'' (ANSAmed).


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