Film: Depardieu plays hookie from court for DSK film mtgs

No-show at drunk driving hearing, flies to Montenegro instead

08 January, 20:47

French actor Gerard Depardieu French actor Gerard Depardieu

(ANSAmed) - PARIS - Having bought a house in Belgium in order to dodge French high income taxes and taken a Russian passport, movie star Gerard Depardieu is now busy dodging French justice as well. Instead of showing up in court on Tuesday to face drunk driving charges, the actor preferred to travel to Podgorica, in Montenegro, to meet with the producers of his new film, based on the sexual scandal which involved former IMF Director Dominique Strauss-Kahn (aka DSK).  It is to be shot at the end of the month in New York by director Abel Ferrara, from a script Canal Plus TV reportedly turned down, calling it ''sordid'' and ''mediocre''.

''My client has apologized to the judges for his absence, but he was unable to appear for professional reasons,'' Depardieu's lawyer, Eric de Caumont, told reporters at court. The actor was picked up in Paris on November 29, driving his scooter while under the influence. He now faces stiffer sentencing for not appearing in court. Also on Tuesday, Depardieu met with Culture Minister Branislav Micunovic and Aleksandar Bogdanovic, mayor of Cetinje, the former capital of Montenegro. The film would have been compromised had he missed today's meetings, de Caumont explained.

''I wanted to do this film on DSK because I don't like the character,'' Depardieu told Russian TV in March last year. ''I think he resembles all Frenchmen a little, and I don't like the French very much.'' (ANSAmed).


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