Tunisia: New attack of Salafites against Sufi mausoleum

Faithful insulted and threatened with knives

21 January, 11:33

(ANSAmed) – TUNIS, JANUARY 21 – A group of activists with the Salafite movement crashed into the Sufi mausoleum of Sidi Abdelkader El Jilani in Menzel Bouzelfa, threatening those gathered there with knives. The episode was denounced by one of the leaders of the mausoleum according to whom the Salafites told the Sufi faithful to go away and never return, accusing them of being atheists. Salafites have been targeting Sufi mausoleums for months, attacking them and setting some of fire, opposing this mystical Islamic belief which is considered too far removed from Muslim Orthodoxy. Sufi Muslims who were inside this mausoleum dedicated to Sufi saint Abdelkader El Jilani when it was attacked were preparing for celebrations for Mouled on Thursday to commemorate the birth of Mohamed.(ANSAmed).


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