Qatar: former Saudi diplomat's extradition suspended

Al-Mutiry denounced Riyadh's alleged funding of terrorists

25 January, 17:25

(ANSAmed) - DOHA, JANUARY 25 - Qatari authorities have suspended the extradition of former Saudi diplomat Zaar Hamad Al-Mutiry, who fled to the emirate in 2011 after reporting Riyadh's suspected financing of terrorist groups.

''Qatari authorities have suspended his extradition and - thanks to the help of the National Human Rights Committee in Qatar - Al-Mutiry has managed to leave the country and go to Morocco,'' reports the Amnesty International website. ''We are happy about this outcome, which was helped by pressure from human rights organisations. We will continue to follow the case.

Al-Mutiry must be ensured of his personal safety, with access to stable, lasting protection,'' ANSA was told by Riccardo Noury, the spokesman for the Italian branch of Amnesty International.

Al-Mutiry, who previously worked at the Saudi embassy, had publicly said that the diplomatic office was suspected of funding terrorist groups. As an initial step, Al-Mutiry had told his government, which proceeded to fire him. The Dutch government granted him political asylum, but he claims that he was taken hostage, first to Belgium and then to Saudi Arabia, where he was allegedly imprisoned and tortured for six months.

Released but banned from leaving the country, he fled to Qatar.