Syria: rebels take military airport near Homs

18 April, 14:03

    (ANSAmed) - BEIRUT, APRIL 18 - Rebel forces on Thursday captured a military airport south west of Homs, close to the Lebanese border. Rebel sources in Qasry, in the centre of the region, confirmed the news to ANSA following press reports Wednesday night. Over Skype rebels told how Dbaa airport, near Qusayr and about 20 km south of Homs, was finally captured in the night after a siege that has raged for the best part of a month. Amateur videos on the net show rebels storming the airport after a coordinated attack by different insurgent groups in the Homs region.

    ''We killed Assad's commander of the forces and many other members of his army'', sources said, adding that during the siege government troops trapped inside the building received food rations thrown over the walls because the ''airport was totally surrounded''. Dbaa airport is around 15 km from the Lebanese border, close to the heart of the battle between Lebanese Shiite Hezbollah militia, Assad loyalists and Sunni insurgents from Qusayr. (ANSAmed).

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