Syria:Israel alarmed by clashes in Golan Heights

Assad forces prevail, UN peacekeeper injured, Austria withdraws

06 June, 18:31

    (ANSAmed) - Rome, June 6 - The battle between Syrian loyalists and rebels moved dangerously close to the Israeli border as both sides clashed at a UN-monitored crossing in the Golan Heights today.

    At first, the rebels managed to overpower their enemies and take control of Quneitra, the line of demarcation but within a few hours the situation changed in favour of troops loyal to Syrian leader Bashir al Assad.

    During the conflict a Philippino United Nations peacekeeper was injured.

    The UN said it had ordered its peacekeepers to reposition themselves but Austria has announced it is withdrawing its peacekeepers from the Golan Heights because of the fighting.

    Israel remains on high alert and all highways linked to the Syrian border are closed after at least four violent clashes between the parties in the past few hours.

    Israel captured part of the Golan Heights in 1967 and later annexed but it has never been internationally recognised. (ANSAmed)

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