Egypt: coup underway, President Morsi under house arrest

Egyptian Army surround presidential palace

03 July, 20:47

    Egyptian Army surround presidential palace in Cairo Egyptian Army surround presidential palace in Cairo

    (ANSAmed) - CAIRO - Military helicopters can be seen over Tahrir Square half an hour after the ultimatum the Egyptian military gave to President Mohamed Morsi expired. Morsi's national security advisor has said that a military coup is underway.

    Armoured vehicles and Special Forces units are deploying around the Ittahadeya presidential palace to prevent contact between opponents and supporters of Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi. His supporters are gathered around the Rabaa El Adaweya mosque a few kilometres away. Reports were from security sources. CNN reports that the presidential palace has been closed off and surrounded by barriers and barbed wire. Soldiers are also said to have sealed access to the area of the capital in which the president's supporters have gathered.

    The independent TV channel El Hayat reports that President Morsi has been placed under house arrest by the military in the Republican Guard headquarters in Cairo.(ANSAmed).

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