Immigration: 25,000 rescued from sea in 2013, gov't

35,000 landed since start of year, 73% can seek protection

15 October, 14:55

    (ANSAmed) - ROME, OCTOBER 15 - An estimated 25,000 migrants trying to reach Europe from North Africa were rescued from the Mediterranean sea since the beginning of this year, the deputy head of the interior ministry's immigration and civil liberties department, Riccardo Compagnucci, said on Tuesday at a meeting in Rome promoted by the Italian Council for Refugees. According to Italian interior ministry data, out of the migrants who landed on Italy's coasts, 9,805 were Syrian nationals, 8,843 were Eritrean, 3,140 Somali, 879 Afghan and 1,058 hailed from Mali. About 21,000 left from Libya while an estimated 8,000 took off from Egypt.

    Overall 35,085 migrants landed on Italy's coasts since January 1, 2013, Compagnucci said. Some 24,000, about 73%, had a right to be protected under Italian law. (ANSAmed)
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