NGO StopVeilsShoutLibery to fight violence against women

Inter-ethnic team to beat racism and religious fundamentalism

06 November, 13:50

    Ebla Ahmed, an English-Italian-Yemeni attorney, president of SVSL Ebla Ahmed, an English-Italian-Yemeni attorney, president of SVSL

    (ANSAmed) - ROME - A new inter-ethnic and inter-confessional non-profit organization has been created with the aim of fighting racism, violence in general and against women in particular, stalking in Italy and abroad.

    'StopVeilsShoutLiberty' is, its young promoters said, aimed at 'filling voids by overcoming discrimination - reading, talking, acting in a concrete manner so new laws are approved'.

    The new NGO's team includes two Italians and two young women born to immigrant parents to show, they said, 'that before preaching, the team is acting well and setting a good example'.

    Members are Ebla Ahmed, an English-Italian-Yemeni attorney, who will be president and previously worked for Yallah Italia and Frontiere News and wrote e-book 'L'amore ai tempi di Bin Laden', love in the times of Bin Laden; Diana Said, an Italian-Egyptian law student; Alessio Sacco, who will act as secretary and is a young entrepreneur from northern Italy; Anita Madaluni, a journalist and international PR who will be the organization's vice-president.

    SVSL is opposed to 'criminal acts made in the name of religion as a gratuitous and vile excuse'.

    'People are not fundamentalists because they are Muslim, just as they are not members of the Mafia because they are Italian or dirty because they are black', said Ebla Ahmed.

    The NGO's official presentation will take place in Milan, at the headquarters of the regional government, on November 21 at 11 am. (ANSAmed)

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