Libya: prolonged strike in Tripoli until departure militias

Protest called as a sign of solidarity for victims of clashes

20 November, 11:19

    Protest in Tripoli, Libya Protest in Tripoli, Libya

    (ANSAmed) - TRIPOLI - An ongoing general strike in Tripoli will last until all militias have left the capital, the mayor of Tripoli Sadat Al Badri said on Tuesday night.
    The three-day strike was called on Saturday night as a sign of solidarity for victims of clashes in Tripoli on November 15 in which 40 people died.
    The bloody clashes exploded after militants from Misrata opened fire on hundreds of residents in the capital who were peacefully demonstrating against the presence of militias.
    The mayor also called on citizens to gather for a big demonstration Friday against armed groups and to demand the presence of the army and police.
    Following the local council's appeal and daily citizens' protests in Tripoli, Misrata militants have started to withdraw.
    Due to the high tension, other groups including militias Jado, Nalut and Gharian are allegedly leaving the capital. (ANSAmed).

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