Death penalty: 1,600 cities take part in 'Cities for Life' Day

Justice ministers in Rome, Colosseum lit up to mark event

29 November, 19:26

    The Coliseum lit on an international day (archive) The Coliseum lit on an international day (archive)

    (ANSAmed) - ROME - Over 1,600 cities from around the world took part in the International Day of Cities for Life, Cities against the Death Penalty initiative on Friday, including 70 capitals on the five continents.

    The Community of Saint Egidio organized a series of meetings in Rome on Capitoline Hill. The events, with participation by ministries and representatives from numerous countries around the world, will end on Saturday with the lighting up of the Colosseum, which has become a world symbol of the International Cities For Life Day and for a worldwide abolition of the death penalty. ''No human being,'' the head of the Parliamentary Human Rights Committee, Mario Marazziti, said during the international conference of justice ministers, ''ever stops being human - even the most violent, even those that seem an animal. And you never give life back to anyone by taking away someone else's. You can never take away the deep pain of families by eliminating another human life and creating new victims.'' ''We have to persuade everyone,'' underscored Senate speaker Pietro Grasso, ''that the death penalty does not make our society any safer, it does not make our world any better. Violence generates other violence.'' During the events, it was noted that since 1973 over 173 people have been released from death row after they were proven innocent, as well as that in 2003 alone ten people erroneously sentenced to death were released. (ANSAmed).

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