Spain: 10% rise in prostitution, prices fall sharply

Client age decreases; 37 mln on the streets, mostly foreigners

05 December, 17:46

    (ANSAmed) - MADRID, DECEMBER 15 - Despite the ongoing economic crisis and low unemployment rates, prostitution is on the rise in Spain and both the average age of clients and prices are falling. Associations that help or work to rescue prostitutes have calculated an increase of between 5 and 10 percent for ''streetwalkers''. Both the associations and the police say that there are at least 37,000 prostitutes in Spain (a figure that does not take into account escorts or women and students who sell sex on a non-regular basis). Of them, 12,000 have said that they had been forced to do it, while the others say that it was their own decision. Spaniards are a minority within the whole and account for only 12%. Most of the prostitutes are from Latin American (42%, mostly Brazilians), from Eastern Europe (28%), Africa (15%) and Asia (5%). The Asian figure is steadily rising and accounts for most of the youngest prostitutes. The crisis has had an effect on the prices. The associations say that sexual services performed for between 30 and 50 euros over the past few years are now regularly had for between 15 and 20 euros. There are over 1,200 prostitutes in the capital, and two years ago the Madrid city council brought in heavy fines for prostitutes trying to get clients. The measures has not had an effect, however, as it is difficult to catch them in the act. (ANSAmed).

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