Italian Arabs against Pitchfork Movement's anti-Jewish slur

Italy 'may end up with its own Arab Spring'

13 December, 17:02

    (ANSAmed) - ROME, DECEMBER 13 - The head of the Co-MAI organization, which represents Arab communities in Italy, spoke out Friday against the incendiary words being used in Italian street protests recently. ''We must reject raving, dangerous and instrumental words used against religions and the Jewish faith,'' said Co-MAI chairman and founder of the movement Uniti per Unire, the Muslim Palestinian Foad Aodi. He referred in particular to the statements made by the spokesman for the Forconi ('Pitchfork') movement, Andrea Zunino, who had said Italy was ''enslaved by wealthy Jewish bankers''. The Co-MAI chief said that the protests underway in Italy had ''many things in common with the so-called Arab Springs, which begin at a lower level and in a democratic manner but then are taken over and used for their own purposes by politicians, religious figures and infiltrators.'' Aodi stressed that even in Italy ''the real reasons for the protest - from unemployment to poverty - may end up taking a back seat, as happened in Arab countries.'' (ANSAmed).

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