Turkey: two-thirds of children live in extreme poverty,study

23 April, 11:37

    (ANSAmed) - ANKARA, APRIL 23 - By EU standards, two out of every three children live in extreme poverty in Turkey, which has the highest child poverty rate of 12 selected EU member countries, as daily Today's Zaman reports quoting a study conducted by Bahcesehir University Center for Economic and Social Research (Betam). In press release, Betam researchers said that the study, which is based on Turkish Statistics Institute (TurkStat) data from a 2011 income and living standards survey, ranks Turkey below Eastern European countries like Hungary and Romania in terms of child poverty. Extreme poverty among children - defined as lacking four or more of nine items on EU statistics agency Eurostat's material deprivation criteria - in Turkey stood at 65%, while this rate is 36% in Romania, 29.5% in Hungary and 16.5% in Greece, Betam said.

    Eurostat's nine criteria are the ability to pay rent and utilities; to adequately heat a home; to pay unexpected costs; to eat meat, fish or a vegetarian equivalent once every two days; to take a week-long holiday outside the home annually; and to own a car, a washing machine, a TV and a phone. TurkStat, which measures child poverty according to three criteria, found significantly different results in its 2011 survey, the study said: 67.7% of children in Turkey were not able to consume protein every two days, 39.9% lived in houses with insufficient heating and 40% couldn't afford new clothes. According to TurkStat, 24.8% of children in Turkey lacked all three of these basic needs. (ANSAmed).

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