Mideast: Gaza, EU protest Hamas-imposed death sentence

Local NGO, illegal because not submitted to Palestian president

19 May, 16:46

    (ANSAmed) - RAMALLAH, MAY 19 - A new death penalty issued by a Hamas military court in Gaza has attracted criticism on behalf of a local NGO and from European Union representation.

    In recent days, the military court in Khan Younis (Gaza) sentenced a man found guilty of murder to death by firing squad execution. His accomplice was sentenced to 15 years imprisonment with forced labor.

    As in other similar occasions in the past, the EU mission has called the death sentence "cruel and inhuman". And it added that "it fails to provide deterrence to criminal behaviour, and represents an unacceptable denial of human dignity and integrity".

    The office of the EU mission has thus asked Gaza authorities to put in moratorium on the judgment as had already been done by the Palestinian Authority for similar verdicts in the West Bank.

    Expressions of condemnation also came from the Palestinian NGO Palestinian Center for Human Rights PCHR - Gaza, according to which punishment by execution in the Gaza capital violates the Palestinian law, as Hamas normally does not submit to the ratification of State of Palestine President Mahmoud Abbas.


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