Syria: NGO, witness claims Father Dall'Oglio killed

Ex-al-Qaeda militant, he was 'executed' right after abduction

26 May, 14:54

    (ANSAmed) - BEIRUT, MAY 26 - Italian Jesuit priest Paolo Dall'Oglio was killed right after al-Qaeda-linked militants abducted him in July last year in Raqqa, northern Libya, an alleged former member of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS) was quoted as saying by the NGO Syrian Human Rights League on Monday. No evidence has been provided so far to support this claim.

    A number of contrasting reports have been provided by several sources with the Syrian uprising on the fate of the Jesuit priest who disappeared from Raqqa on July 29, 2013. Many claimed he was still alive while others said he was dead.

    In this instance, the source was quoted by a platform of exiled activists with a network of informers on the ground.

    The NGO identified its source as Abu Mohammad Assuri, who was presented as a defector of ISIS. Assuri claimed that the Roman priest was killed with 14 gunshots fired by a 9 MM handgun at the headquarters of ISIS in Raqqa, a city held by the al Qaeda-inspired organization.

    The 'execution', Assuri also claimed, took place just two hours after the priest was captured and was carried out by two Saudi brothers: Kassab and Khilad Al Jazrawwi.

    The information cannot be verified and has not been confirmed by any further reports or images. The alleged defector also did not provide any information on what militants did with the priest's body. (ANSAmed)
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