France's youth summer curfew extended to more areas

Implemented by about a dozen municipalities

16 July, 18:33


    (ANSAmed) - PARIS - Ever more municipalities in France are bringing in a summer night curfew for those under age 14, with about a dozen having enacted the controversial measure thus far. The decision does not appear to be linked to a specific political current, as it has been adopted by mayors from the far-right Front National (Béziers) as well as their centrist and center-right UMP (Nice and Orléans) and left-wing(Gennevilliers and Gonesse) counterparts. The decision mainly aims to curb petty juvenile delinquency. The curfew is for the most part restricted in both spatial terms - limited to specific areas of cities - and time. For the summer, the curfew in most locations runs between 11 PM and 6 AM and only affects those under age 14. Mayors have justified the move by citing specific risks, health-related reasons, drug trafficking, alcohol sales, and reports to the police from area inhabitants. (ANSAmed).

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