Spaniards not even ready to defend their country, poll says

According to survey, only 16% willing to fight foreign aggression

03 September, 16:00

    King Felipe's first visit to the Defense Chief of Staff (archive) King Felipe's first visit to the Defense Chief of Staff (archive)

    (ANSAmed) - MADRID - Spanish nationals, formerly a population of 'conquistadores', are not only unwilling to conquer new territories but don't even want to defend their own in case of aggression, according to a poll by the State Center of sociological research (CIS). The survey found that only 16.3% of citizens would be willing to defend their country if it were invaded, while one in two would not sacrifice their lives unless it was to defend their family.

    The survey also found that 55.3% of those interviewed would altogether refuse or would be reluctant to defend a Spain under attack and only 16.3% would not think twice before doing so. A reported 22.4% would be likely to participate - low percentages which CIS said are decreasing annually.

    Regions like Catalonia and Basque Country saw a 6% drop since 2011, when the previous poll was conducted, in national sentiment, which only grew in cities like the enclaves of Ceuta and Melilla in Morocco where half the population is Muslim.

    The survey carried out on 2,500 people selected to represent the entire population, was handed over to the Spanish institute for strategic studies of the defense ministry. Though armed forces are well considered in the country, the majority of those interviewed said ''it is necessary to cut their budget and numbers'', which are already among the lowest in the EU.  (ANSAmed)

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