Egypt: IS affiliate set up, threatens Christians and US

Arrival in Sinai and contact with Ansar Al-Sharia 'traced'

29 September, 20:50

    (ANSAmed) - CAIRO, SEPTEMBER 29 - A group calling itself 'Jund al-Khilafah (the soldiers of the caliphate) in the Land of Kinana (Egypt)' has announced its allegiance to the Islamic State (IS), reported the Site jihadist monitoring service on Monday. The group has threatened to strike American interests and those of the 'worshippers of the Cross' in Egypt.

    Speculation had been heard in Cairo in recent days on the possible announcement of the creation of an official Egyptian IS affiliate, and security sources had told ANSA they had ''traced'' the arrival in the country - most likely from its eastern border in the Sinai peninsula - of ''elements connected with IS, veterans of (the ongoing conflict in, Ed.) Iraq and Syria''. Over the summer, contacts and operative links had been discovered with the various Egyptian jihadist groups, including the largest, Beit al Maqdis, which has been behind a growing number of attacks over the past year. Egyptian fighters also allegedly acted as a ''bridge'' with the Ansar Al-Sharia forces in Benghazi, who are trying to set up a 'caliphate' and who an IS spokesman called on in recent days to join the larger group fighting in Iraq and Syria. (ANSAmed).

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