ISIS: Kurds protest Kobane, storm EU Parliament

'Stop massacre', cross-continental protests, 1 dead in Turkey

07 October, 18:38

    (ANSAmed) - BRUSSELS, OCTOBER 7 - 70 some Kurdish protestors stormed the European Parliament in Brussels on Tuesday, brandishing flags with the image of Abdullah Ocalan and shouting "Isis terrorists, Turkish terrorists", media reported.

    Kurds by the dozens charged into the EU Parliament to protest the situation in Kobane, and request the creation of a Kurdish state and the release of Abdullah Ocalan. "You didn't want to hear us and so we came in, this isn't a question of Kurds, it is a matter of human beings: Isis is massacring our people, our children, they are selling our women in the markets, what are you waiting for to attack, another massacre?" Arife Soysüren said to a crowd which included parliament deputies.

    In other parts of Europe, protestors held sit-ins in airports and city streets including Rome's Fiumicino airport, London's Heathrow airport and Berlin. These followed Monday's demonstrations and sit-ins at Paris' Charles de Gaulle airport and Brussels' Zaventem airport, as well as in Strasbourg, Bordeaux, Rennes, Marseille and Milan's Piazza del Duomo.

    Kurdish party members (HDP) rallied with Turkish police on Tuesday. Police intervened with water cannons and tear gas. One protester was killed in Mus Vardo, allegedly by a bullet fired by police. (ANSAmed).

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